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02.Alliance for the Earth's statement

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We must no longer look away, the diagnosis made by the scientific community is clear : the environmental situation of the earth is disastrous and damages inflicted to it affect first and foremost the earth's poor people. It appears that the most urgent action needed is to undertake lucid and courageous measures in order to ensure the survival of our planet and of the existing living species, including our own human species. We, Non Governmental Organizations, have been active for decades attempting to stop this destructive process. Real and appreciable results and victories have been obtained; nevertheless, we have attained our efficiency limit has been attained: political and economical systems are not giving the kind of proper ecological answers that citizens are waiting for.

We do have the opportunity and also the duty to meet together for a more efficient action, facing the so powerful economical lobbies, particularly the multinational groups, as well as the apathy of the political sphere and others institutions have too often agree to sacrifice our future against short term minded and particular interests.

Together, we represent the citizenry's strength of citizens who will be able to reverse the trend, to invent and build a new form of power and another future as well.

«To become united, we must accept our differences», said Teilhard de Chardin. L'Alliance for the Earth allows us to know each other through our specificities, our differences, our ideals and our common goals, allowing us to act together in concrete terms, to move forward vital struggles we must win.

The main job of the L'Alliance for the Earth lies in action, each NGO is maintaining its identity and its own strategy. The L'Alliance for the Earth is not a melting of different associations: it is a springboard for proposals and initiatives, having as task to give more power, more echoes and more efficiency for working outsolutions.

The Alliance is watching over and very clearly applying the Environment Charter: it is becoming an efficient actor about the citizens' life, because it is totally independent of political parties.

At the Alliance, our organization is flexible, creative and democratic:
  • Members are environmental associations, but also concerned with administering the law or social, humanitarian and scientific associations, also associations concerning consumers, farmers, trade unions, etc... Associations excluded include : governmental organizations, enterprises and companies, along with political parties.
  • General orientations are defined according to a participative form of management, through an executive committee.
  • Actions of concern by the Alliance are chosen according to their symbolic impact, their degree of urgency, their potential synergies and positively strong results.
  • Each association is free to support or no any particular action.
  • Implementation of different actions is on a voluntary basis. By one or some leading associations with the support of the other ones.

We have strong hope! Let we act together, let we take action quickly for a peaceful mankind, to show solidarity, in harmony with Nature.

translation from French to English : Jacques Hallard (APREIS)